Thornbridge’s first new cask beer of 2011 is Chiron (5% – Pale Ale) – named after a Greek mythological character – a statue of whom resides at Thornbridge Hall. Thornbridge Chiron was a centaur – creatures notorious for being wild and lusty, overly indulgent drinkers and carousers. By contrast Chiron was intelligent, civilized, and known for his knowledge and skill.

We like to think our Chiron is a sophisticated drink developed with knowledge and skill but containing just that little hint of hoppy devilment.

Thornbridge Chiron Pale Ale is golden in colour.

Thornbridge Chiron Taste

The aroma is subtle but spicy with citric notes from the hops, balanced by biscuity malt and tart citrus fruit.

In the mouth, there is a superb balance of tart hops, juicy malt and tangy fruit while the lingering finish offers a hint of apricot and tangerine before it finally becomes dry, bitter and hoppy but underscored by sweet malt.

A beautifully balanced and wonderfully refreshing beer.

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